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Classic Car Wars: Omni Coliseum, Div 25 Jobber Match

(UBN Omni Coliseum Marathon promo ends, cutting back to studio)   Announcer One:  Welcome back, duel fans, to our coverage of this special all-day event.  I’m Phillip McMurtrie, and with me as always is former AADA Division 15 champion and three-time winner of the coveted Harold Caswell Sportscaster of the Year award, Susan Masters.  We’re live at the rebuilt Omni Coliseum in Atlanta, Georgia as part of UBN's continuing coverage celebrating their grand reopening.   Announcer Two:  Hard to believe it’s been five years since ASP levelled the place, Phil.   Announcer One:  A dark day for autoduelling, but a great day for our ratings, amirite?   Announcer Two:  Indeed you are, Phil.  Everyone remembers where they were that day, when a covert ASP agent triggered his dirty suitcase nuke in the VIP box at the AADA World Finals.   Announcer One:  Took a lot to clean that site, for sure, but you’d never know to look at it, Sue.  The old girl looks as good as she ever did.  

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